Does Coconut Oil in Coffee Break A Fast?

Does Coconut Oil in Coffee Break A Fast?

Adding coconut oil to coffee isn’t a new trend, but it started to get more recognition in the last few years as the number of people doing intermittent fasting increased.

“What does coconut oil in coffee do?” and “Does coconut oil in coffee break a fast?” became the top searched questions for both fasting and coffee lovers.

Coconut oil, butter, ghee, or olive oil are added to coffee to make it more satiating, and to turn the plain black coffee into what’s known as “bulletproof coffee”. And some people prefer the taste of coffee when some sort of fat is added to it.

So if you’re wondering, “Can you make bulletproof coffee with coconut oil?”, the answer is, yes, you can totally make bulletproof coffee with coconut oil. Coconut oil is the most popular oil for adding to coffee as it has a sweet, nutty, and tropical flavor.

If you’re going to drink bulletproof coffee when doing intermittent fasting, bear in mind that any kind of fat like coconut oil, butter, etc. actually breaks your fast. But it’s OK to add 1 teaspoon of your preferred fat, as it won’t interrupt the fat-burning, ketosis, and autophagy phases of fasting.

Coconut oil in coffee for weight loss

Bulletproof coffee with coconut oil is also linked with weight loss as it:

  • Makes you feel fuller for longer
  • Improves metabolism
  • Helps you stay in the ketosis stage

To sum up

Coffee with coconut oil is a top-rated fasting-friendly beverage. It’s safe to add a single teaspoon of coconut oil to your coffee while fasting, to benefit from its satiating and weight loss boosting effects.

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