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Woman with sports leggings rolling a yoga mat
How Do I Choose the Best Exercise Mat?

How to choose the right mat for your workouts. Ideal thickness and length for fitness, pilates and yoga mats.

Man in nature, looking at mountains and a lake
How to Begin Practicing Mindfulness

Basics of mindfulness. Simple mindfulness practices to reduce your stress level.

Two friends sharing a pizza outside
Why Am I Always Hungry? Nutritional Mistakes That Increase Your Appetite

Ways to reduce increased appetite. 5 nutritional mistakes that increase hunger and how to fix them.

Colorful spices in spoons
Spices That Accelerate Weight Loss

Find out the most effective spices for fat burn. Lose weight with the help of spices.

Woman with back pain getting checked by a doctor
How to Avoid Back Pain

Lifestyle change tips to prevent back pain. How to handle mild back pain.

Woman breathing deeply while doing yoga
How Do I Do Diaphragmatic (Belly) Breathing?

Use your diaphragm to relax and get more oxygen. Step-by-step tips to learn belly breathing.

Tired and sleepy woman at work
6 (Potential) Reasons Why You Feel Tired All the Time

Is it normal to feel tired all the time? Simple lifestyle changes to deal with chronic fatigue.

Young woman with radiant and clear skin
Summer Skin Care Tips

Quick and easy tips to have a beautiful skin during summer. What to do in your skin care routine to have a flawless skin?

Young woman doing sit ups on a gym mat
The 80/20 Rule of Fitness: How should I apply it?

What is 80/20 rule (Pareto Principle)? Apply it to fitness, increase your workout efficiency.

Young man stretching in the running field
All You Need to Know About Stretching

What is stretching and what is it good for? What are different types of stretching? How to do stretches?