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A plate full of healthy vegetables and eggs
Pre and Post-Workout Nutrition with Sample Menus

What to eat right before a workout? Best meals before exercise. Pre and post-workout meal examples.

Young woman looking at her phone after a jog in the forest
Why You Should Track Your Fitness Progress

The benefits of tracking fitness progress. How should you track your workout progress?

Young woman intermittent fasting
Is It Time to Try Intermittent Fasting?

What is intermittent fasting? Is it safe? Is it good for weight loss? Find out intermittent fasting types.

Young man exercising and stretching outside during ramadan
Exercising During Ramadan

How and when to exercise while fasting? Tips to adjust your workout program for Ramadan.

Middle aged man sweating after a workout in a park
Does Sweating Help Weight Loss?

Do you burn calories by sweating? Does sweating help burn fat? How to burn more calories? Sweating and weight loss connection.

Middle aged man drinking water from a bottle after workout
5 Simple Tips to Drink More Water

How to drink more water. Increase your water consumption for healthy bodily functions with these 5 easy tips.

Young woman in sports outfit preparing healthy vegetable meal
How to Build Healthy Habits

Tips to build healthy habits. Improve your habits and become healthier. Start exercising, meditating, walking more and eating healthier.

Man running outdoors, doing cardio exercise
What is Cardio?

What is cardio good for? Benefits and different types of cardio exercises.

Young woman squatting with neutral spine position
What is a Neutral Spine and Why is It Good for You?

What is the neutral spine position? How to find your neutral spine? Workout benefits with neutral spine.

Woman doing plank as a core exercise
Why Shouldn't You Skip Your Core Training?

How to train the core muscles? At home core training workouts. Importance of having a strong core.