How did Rebel Wilson Lose Weight?

How did Rebel Wilson Lose Weight?

Rebel Wilson, 42, the Aussie actress, comedian, and producer known for her role “Fat Amy” has now become an iconic weight loss transformation figure by losing more than 80 pounds.

The Bridesmaids, Jojo Rabbit, Pitch Perfect, The Hustle and Senior Year star claims that in the past, body size was a part of her comedic persona in Hollywood. In 2020, she made a radical decision and started to lose weight.

Why did Rebel Wilson lose weight?

When a celebrity loses weight, it is usually considered that they made the decision for cosmetic purposes, and that can sometimes be true. But in Rebel Wilson’s case, the reason for her weight loss journey is very much medical.

Rebel explains that it was her gynecologist’s advice to start losing weight, as it would improve her general health and help her get ready for future motherhood by being lighter in weight. 

She took her doctor’s advice, declared 2020 her “year of health” to her Instagram followers, and started her weight loss journey.

What did Rebel Wilson do to lose weight?

Rebel Wilson lost weight with a combination of exercising and eating healthy. These 2 simple tips are the foundations of her transformation journey, which successfully brought her to her current weight of 165 pounds.

“It wasn’t a goal to get to a certain weight. It was just to be the healthiest version of myself,” she says and adds: “The goal was never to be skinny. It was never to fit into a certain dress size.”

We’ve made a list of all the important things Rebel Wilson paid attention to while losing weight. Rebel:

  1. Realized that she has emotional eating patterns and worked on these emotions to stop uncontrollable eating. “I used to use food to avoid my emotions. I see that girl now and I’m so proud of what she has become and what she has achieved,” she says.
  2. Added moderate-paced one-hour brisk walks into her daily routine to lose fat according to her doctor’s advice.
  3. Changed her diet to more protein and veggie-based.
  4. Never focused on the number on the scale, but instead prioritized her health.
  5. Allowed herself to have occasional cheat days, to avoid mental strain.

Following these simple steps, Rebel managed to change her lifestyle and went from 249 lbs (US size 16) to 169 lbs (US size 8) in a healthy way.

What does Rebel Wilson eat in a day?

When it comes to Rebel Wilson’s daily diet list, we know that she basically changed her eating pattern and started eating more fresh and whole foods, close to the Mediterranean diet.

She doesn’t pay attention to counting calories. Instead, she mainly focuses on improving the quality of what she eats in a day. Adding a lot of protein to her meals, such as fish and chicken breast, helped her a lot. In the past, she used to eat a lot of refined carbs, which made her hungry all the time and made her crave more junk food. 

Now, when she wants a snack, she doesn’t restrict herself. Instead, she adds some healthy ingredients to her snacks, like adding avocado to her tacos.

She always underlines the fact that she allows herself some treats like chocolate or ice cream from time to time.

To sum up

We already love Rebel Wilson’s movies. Now we can also be inspired by her incredibly healthy and publicly open weight loss journey.

She never hides the fact she was on a weight roller coaster since she was in her 20s. She baldly says that she’s OK with imperfections too and never promotes being a certain body size. Her motto of being balanced when it comes to dieting sounds very sustainable too. Go Rebel, we love you!

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