Kelly Osbourne’s 85 lbs Weight Loss Secrets

Kelly Osbourne’s 85 lbs Weight Loss Secrets

Kelly Osbourne’s weight loss transformation is the topic on the lips of everyone looking for effective ways to achieve lasting weight loss results.

As the daughter of a world-known singer, Ozzie Osbourne, and having spent all her life in front of the cameras, Kelly has struggled with her weight issues since her teenage years.

“I was called fat and ugly in the press almost my entire life… it broke my heart and ruined my self-esteem. It sets you up to hate yourself in a huge way. I was so angry about the things people said about me,” she said in one interview.

After years of ups and downs in her weight, Kelly finally lost 85 pounds with the help of a couple of key things. But what’s more important is that she’s successfully maintained her weight since then

We compiled her weight loss secrets, including her diet and workouts.

Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss Diet

Kelly admits that she’s an emotional eater, replacing her drug addiction with a food addiction, which only led her to become fatter. And being fatter resulted in lower self esteem and eating more for instant gratification. Then one day she made the decision to take the helm of her life – and her transformation began.

Generally speaking, being on a weight loss journey requires you to make a few lasting changes in your life, and diet is one of them. What Kelly Osbourne eats in a typical day is a subject that arouses many people’s curiosity, as she has lost about 85 pounds.

Here are Kelly Osbourne’s top nutrition tips:

  1. Kelly changed her diet to a plant-based, vegan diet.
  2. She started doing 16/8 intermittent fasting and still follows this plan to maintain her weight and burn fat.
  3. She skips breakfast and drinks only a coffee and a green juice before she has her first meal of the day.
  4. She is cautious about vegan junk food that can also cause weight gain. Instead she prefers whole and more natural foods.
  5. Even when she takes a junk food getaway from time to time, she then increases the amount of her workout time to maintain the balance.
  6. She doesn’t see her vegan diet and intermittent fasting plan as a weight loss method. Rather they have become a lifestyle for her. “Once I learned how to work out and eat right, it became one of those things you just have to commit to – a life change, rather than being on a diet. Because a diet doesn’t work. You lose weight and you stop the diet and it will all come back. So you just have to take baby steps, commit to something and stay true to it,” she says.

How does Kelly Osbourne work out for weight loss?

Kelly Osbourne’s workout plan includes two training methods. One is doing high intensity interval training sessions with her personal trainer, and the second is a much more fun thing: hula hooping.

Osbourne’s PT explains that the best weight loss training should consist of HIIT and bodyweight exercises that work different muscle groups, such as squats, lunges, and push ups. These exercises can be performed for three sets of 12 to 20 reps. Doing cardio at least three times a week is also a must on a weight loss journey.

In addition to following a HIIT plan, Kelly does hula hooping occasionally, which has become her favorite cardio as it both gets her heart rate up and helps her lose weight in a fun way.

Kelly Osbourne’s Weight Loss Surgery

Kelly radically changed her lifestyle for this massive body transformation, but she doesn’t deny the fact that she underwent a gastric sleeve operation too, which physically minimized the size of her stomach.

She says that the operation was not the main actor in her weight loss transformation. Healthy and balanced nutrition along with working out are the two main things that have helped her lose and maintain her weight. “The kind of surgery I had… If you don’t work out and you don’t eat right, you gain weight. All it does is move you in the right direction,” she explains.

To sum up

Kelly Osbourne lost 85 pounds, mostly with the help of healthy eating and exercising regularly. Her incredible transformation shows us that anyone can achieve the looks they desire if they put their mind to it. In addition to achieving a dream look, you can obtain a healthy and sustainable lifestyle with the right nutrition and an exercise regime that suits you.

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